With a new software wizard, there’s no sorcery but the magic of the M2M Gekko® is evident with instant code compliance for your TFM weld inspections.

The innovation and design behind all our advanced Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) instruments not only enables you to get the weld inspection job done, but also empowers you to get it done faster with confidence in your data results. Confidence comes from knowing that you are compliant with industry codes implemented worldwide. With Eddyfi Technologies, we ensure code compliant inspection in just three clicks.

TFM is an ultrasonic array technique that synthetically focuses at every point of a region of interest. Pioneering TFM products since 2013, we are unparalleled in the development of TFM algorithms and their implementation. The field ready M2M Gekko® offers TFM with up to 128 channels when a high-channel count is necessary for challenging integrity assessments, including the inspection of Cast Austenitic Stainless Steels (CASS). ASME and IIW Standards regulate the use of TFM for weld inspection, and one condition both codes insist on is the validity check of TFM settings. Amplitude fidelity measures the variance of the maximum amplitude response of each object of interest between sequential points of a complete grid, as the object crosses along its lateral axis. Inspectors need to confirm that the resolution is fine enough to guarantee amplitude fidelity according to Article 4, Mandatory Appendix XI, XI-461 and Section V, 2019 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

With our user-friendly Capture™ software wizard onboard the Gekko (and Mantis™) flaw detector, code compliance is easily verified with a gain table report provided for proof, effortlessly satisfying ASME and ISO amplitude fidelity requirements. Inspectors can rest assured knowing that these advanced units ensure grid resolution with 20 TFM calculations for compliance, without sacrificing speed. When you consider the importance that welds play in critical components and capital assets, it’s no surprise that their inspection is so carefully governed. And Gekko users now have the distinct advantage knowing their inspection follows all the rules – with three clicks!

Are you compliant? Learn more about the M2M Gekko® for TFM inspection of welds, corrosion, high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) and more by visiting here, and contact us when you’re ready to inspect Beyond Current.