Custom NDT Solutions for In-Service Wheel Rail Interface Testing

September 27, 2022 | By Thierry Couturier

Topics: Rail & Automotive, Phased Array & Conventional Ultrasonics, Zetec

Panther™ Sets a New Pace for Ultra-fast Pipe Body Inspection

September 13, 2022 | By Eric Boujon

Topics: Phased Array & Conventional Ultrasonics, M2M, Pipelines

You Don’t Have to do it Alone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Tubing Inspection

September 06, 2022 | By Vahid Shahsavari

Topics: Eddyfi, Energy, Power Generation, Tube Testing Technologies, Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchanger Tubing Defects

Sonyks™, A Guided User Experience

August 23, 2022 | By Edwin Van Der Leden

Topics: Teletest, Guided Wave Ultrasonics, Pipelines

Uncovering Unseen Manufacturing Defects with Eddy Current Array

August 16, 2022 | By Mathieu Bouchard

Topics: Cracks, Eddyfi, Eddy Current Array, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Pipelines, Pipeline Integrity Threats, Manufacturing

The Applicability of Medium Range Ultrasonic Testing for Inspecting Small Diameter Pipe Supports

August 09, 2022 | By Paul Jackson

Topics: Corrosion, Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and Fireproofing, Energy, Phased Array & Conventional Ultrasonics, M2M, Teletest, Guided Wave Ultrasonics, Pipelines, Pipeline Integrity Threats

PECA™ Has Legs Over Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF)

April 13, 2020 | By Gabriel Cyr
Updated August 08, 2022

Topics: Eddyfi, Energy, Power Generation, Pulsed Eddy Current, Vessels

Inspecting for Corrosion Under Pipe Supports – Eddyfi Technologies has it (Un)Covered

August 03, 2022 | By Eddyfi Technologies

Topics: Energy, Power Generation, Offshore & Subsea, Food & Beverage, Heavy Industry & Mining, Offshore

Futureproof Your Composite Structure Inspections with Time Reversal Technique

July 26, 2022 | By Michael Monette

Topics: Aerospace, Composite defects, Phased Array & Conventional Ultrasonics, Aircraft & Spacecraft, Zetec

Access Granted with Confined Space Entry Inspection Robotic Crawlers

July 19, 2022 | By Priscilla Johnson

Topics: Remote Visual Inspection, Inuktun

Capture™ Software 4.0 Brings Assisted Analysis and More

July 05, 2022 | By Frédéric Reverdy

Topics: Phased Array & Conventional Ultrasonics, M2M

5 Inspection Challenges in the Power Generation Industry Addressed by Pulsed Eddy Current Inspections

June 08, 2021 | By Gabriel Cyr
Updated June 28, 2022

Topics: Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and Fireproofing, Eddyfi, Pulsed Eddy Current, Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Pipelines