As a pioneer for real-time Total Focusing Method (TFM) since 2013, M2M, now part of Eddyfi Technologies, has expanded its TFM with 128 element offering from our desktop system, the M2M Panther™, to our portable unit, the M2M Gekko™. With the launch of the next generation Gekko, a 64:128 TFM128 configuration option now allows the calculation of TFM images in real-time for 128-element probes.

The FMC/TFM technique is a reconstruction method that focuses ultrasonic energy emitted by the elements of a phased-array probe to every pixel on a region of interest. This technique provides optimal spatial resolution and improved sensitivity for the detection of small indications. You can find more info on our website.

The following image shows the TFM result of an IIW TYPE 1 mockup using a 128-element 2 MHz probe with 256k pixels. Notice the reflections from all features on the block: the four-inch radius on the left, a one-inch radius on the top right, the notch at the bottom, as well as the 0.060 inch diameter side-drilled hole at the bottom right for one position of the probe.

TFM with 128 elements opens a world of nondestructive testing inspection possibilities. The near-field limit is increased to more than one meter, allowing focusing over long distances. This is particularly relevant for the inspection of thick samples. For example, the following image shows the beam field obtained for a 128-element 5-MHz probe with a S55 wedge inspecting a 450-millimetre diameter axle.

The large aperture allows focalization of the ultrasonic energy entirely across the axle, enabling the detection and characterization of small indications.

We take pushing the limits of advanced NDT technologies to heart. Check out Gekko, the innovative Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) with TFM portable unit now, and contact our friendly and knowledgeable experts for more information.

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