Matrix arrays can inspect a full volume by steering the ultrasonic energy in various planes. The M2M Gekko can define and handle matrix arrays directly on the equipment.

We look here at the angled holes in the ASTM E2491 Phased Array Assessment Block. We use a small footprint matrix array at the frequency of 5 MHz with a SW55 wedge oriented along the length of the block (see picture). In the delay law calculation panel, we perform a sectorial scan between 35 and 75° along two planes (0 and 15°). We can see the top view with the two planes.

We display the sectorial scans for each inspection plane and associated ascans. One can see that the side-drilled hole is barely detected for the 0° inspection plane. Looking at the 15° plane, we can see that there is a big improvement in terms of sensitivity as the maximum amplitude is about 14 dB higher compared to the 0° inspection plane. The energy has been steered in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the SDH.

Combining small footprint matrix array with the capabilities of Capture opens opportunities for 3D inspections in tight spaces where accessibility can be an issue.