Not everybody fully understands robots, even those that intend to use them. But they do understand NDT. Eddyfi Technologies doesn't consider replacing humans and inspectors with robots, but giving humans the ability to further extend the reach of inspection to areas otherwise inaccessible, dangerous, or expensive to reach. Removing the human from the risk zone, but maintaining the same level of Eddyfi Technologies quality inspection. Assessed by robotics, validated by humans. And in this scenario, we explain how a robot replaces the human hand in placing and moving a probe. Aiding an inspector, reducing costs, increasing safety, and improving quality.

In January 2022, Eddyfi Technologies launched NDT robotics – breaching the ambiguity gap, focusing on a new range of exciting scanners, crawlers, and robotics for inspection. Be in visual, ultrasonic testing, phased array, or electromagnetic such as ACFM®, eddy current, or pulsed eddy current, Eddyfi Technologies NDT robotics have identified specific solutions for specific problems.

While Eddyfi Technologies covers a wide umbrella of advanced non-destructive testing technologies, a common denominator differentiates us across the industry: enabled robotics. Leveraging worldwide centers of excellence, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for enabled robotic solutions and scanners designed to overcome the challenges faced with confined space entry, work at heights, and other dangerous or otherwise inaccessible environments requiring routine inspection. Here we highlight the standard, off-the-shelf NDT enabled robotics as well as the solution for your remote industrial operations.

First of all, let’s get the lingo down. When it comes to selecting the right robotic NDT solution, you’re going to want to explore the industry leading scanners, crawlers, and robots available.

Scanner Crawler Robot

Consolidating these options in Eddyfi Technologies comprehensive product portfolio helps remove ambiguity while offering a side-by-side comparison of what is actually required based on your job demands. One supplier means avoiding the headache of relearning a different user interface as we continue to harmonize our offering for multiple NDT modalities including conventional ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array UT, eddy current array, pulsed eddy current array, alternating current field measurement, and more. You’ll likely address your remote visual inspection applications with any of our standard robotic crawlers, but in the case of atypical conditions, we’re dedicated to offering an OnSpec custom solution to fit your precise needs... like this unique system for in-service water tank inspection and this bespoke bridge cable inspection robot. In fact, our OnSpec solutions go beyond inspection to address the remote industrial challenges with no other viable solution. Learn more here.

VT150 Vertical Crawler with R-Scan Array Probe-1Enabled robotics have penetrated the arenas of oil and gas, power generation, nuclear, security and defense, and utilities to name a few. Eddyfi Technologies provides specific solutions for specific problems while taking advantage of the versatile nature of our proven modules for common requirements. This includes large surface structure remote internal inspection (RII) and non-intrusive inspection (NII), dry dock and underwater in lieu of dry dock (UWILD) requirements in maritime and shipping, both internal and external pipeline inspection, as well as wind turbine blade and tower assessments. Not sure where NDT enabled robotics fit into your risk management program? We have a team of experts happy to answer your questions.


Whether you’re on the fence about the applicability of robotics for your inspection campaigns or ready to embrace the future of robotics today, we invite you to discover how our technology is being used on the blog and application notes, check out product specs for our standard robotics for NDT, and start a conversation to see how together we can keep you Beyond Current.