In the dynamic arena of non-destructive testing (NDT), navigating the intricacies of austenitic steel weld inspections demands a fervent pursuit of innovation. Austenitic materials, with their coarse-grain structure, present unique challenges that only relentless problem-solving can overcome. This narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Eddyfi Technologies, where passion meets precision, education meets experience, and every stride is directed towards advancing productivity, saving lives, and protecting the environment.

Austenitic steel welds, a complex terrain within the NDT landscape, prompt a passionate quest for solutions at Eddyfi Technologies. The coarse-grain structure introduces challenges like high attenuation, grain noise, and redirection— complexities that demands a harmonious blend of innovation and precision. In our relentless pursuit, Eddyfi Technologies presents cutting-edge solutions that echo our commitment to innovation and problem-solving:

Dual 2D Matrix Array (DMA) Probes: Carefully designed, these probes operate at low frequencies (1.5 to 4 MHz), tailored for the intricacies of coarse-grain austenitic welds. The dual transmit/receive configuration, eliminates "ghost echoes" from the wedge, and enhances sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, or SNR.

Dual 2D Matrix Array (DMA) Probes

Linear Array ProbesIn the grand symphony of NDT, our linear array probes are used to inspect fine-grain base material and the heat-affected zone. For both probe types we can use Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Total Focusing Method (TFM) to improve resolution and thus flaw detection and characterization capabilities.

High-Temp Dual Linear Corrosion ArrayImplementation of our solutions isn't just about technology; it's a carefully orchestrated practicality. The LYNCS™ CHAIN, an ode to innovative practicality, stands as the optimal scanning solution for austenitic pipe joints, transcending the limitations of traditional magnetic scanners. Learn more about three weld inspection challenges overcome by advanced ultrasonic testing in lieu of radiography here.


As your one-stop PAUT shop, Eddyfi Technologies isn't just about products; our comprehensive product portfolio is a symphony of tools that exist to advance productivity, save lives, and protect the environment. Selecting probes and wedges becomes an art guided by our purpose-driven commitment to advancing productivity. The Eddyfi eStore, a direct gateway to instant pricing, becomes the bridge between professionals and the tools that redefine inspection standards.

Moreover, the Eddyfi Academy is an online platform offering free and paid NDT courses, which underscores our commitment to nurturing knowledge and skills.

Harmonizing the Future: A Crescendo of Purpose

In conclusion, as we navigate the challenges of inspecting austenitic steel welds, Eddyfi Technologies stands not just as a provider but as a conductor of progress. The sound of progress, resonating through every solution, is our commitment to a future where productivity thrives, lives are safeguarded, and the environment is protected—a crescendo that echoes our brand purpose with unyielding passion and precision.

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