The world around us is moving fast and is in constant evolution. Nobody likes to be left behind and as per human nature, we all are curious and like to play with the most recent and advanced tools available. With Magnifi® running our Eddyfi Ectane® or Magnifi GO software embedded on our Eddyfi Reddy® instrument, inspectors have easy access to the latest and most advanced acquisition and analysis tools for electromagnetic inspection techniques. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Magnifi is constantly evolving with your needs, integrating state-of-the-art data management and analysis tools. Magnifi offers not only an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and better data management system, but also includes game-changing features for up to eight different inspection techniques, addressing both tubing and surface inspections.

And the great thing is that it keeps coming, as the goal of each new software release is to constantly improve on performance, ease of use, simplified workflows for dedicated applications and more so that productivity increases, and risks of error are considerably reduced.

Whether it is through a dedicated setup wizard, automatic analysis tools, advanced processes for higher data quality, Magnifi 4 is one step ahead with its continuous innovation, and you can easily access it online.

Moreover, starting with Magnifi 4.7, all users will be notified through Wi-Fi of the latest release, so they can upgrade their licences on the spot.

Among the most innovative new features of Magnifi 4, you will find:

  • Interaction link between Magnifi and TubePro™ 5.3 to create an inspection tube list
  • Tubing ECA, ECT, NFT and MFL automatic data screening
  • Data Quality Verification: Magnifi can validate hardware, channel and C-scan software saturation, position landmark detection and check for dead channels
  • Assisted analysis: Improved and versatile detection zones, better sizing of typical ID pit, advanced sizing algorithms for Eddyfi Sharck™ probes and more
  • Dedicated and advanced processes:

Eddyfi Technologies has recognized software trends migrating from traditional license and maintenance models to a subscription-based format like many of the consumer subscriptions you’re likely used to in your personal life. A Magnifi software subscription translates into reduced capital expenditures, the latest software with remote updates and dedicated technical support from a team of NDT experts and highly qualified developers. We remain committed to keeping you Beyond Current.