If you’ve been staying Beyond Current and have already read Eddyfi Technologies’ exclusive eBook on robotics for non-destructive testing data collection, then you’re ready to learn more about the Datalliance lifecycle. If none of this sounds familiar, no sweat! Get your free copy here, where we introduce the RAMP Index, a measure of assurance when it comes to confidence in the accuracy of your NDT data and its power of prevention. In this article, we take a closer look at how Inuktun equipment has been optimized to ensure you’re getting the most out of our robotic crawlers and inspection cameras for superior condition monitoring.

Eddyfi Technologies Datalliance is a holistic, innovative, data-driven lifecycle NDT optimization program that promises to help your business stay Beyond Current. It involves a top-level exchange with industry stakeholders to:

  • see how thing are being done and do it better,
  • prevent and/or prepare for the unexpected,
  • and rest assured of having mitigated human, environmental and business risk.

The RAMP Index offers a measurement framework for ensuring positive outcomes. It’s all about Repeatable Inspection, Actionable Results, Meaningful Data, and Preventative Outcomes. Check out an example of repeatable inspection in this blog post. The success of Datalliance is made possible with the regular exchange of information that enables optimizations at each stage of the lifecycle. We focus on equipment here —with the understanding that each stage is equally important— and this synergistic process is what differentiates Inuktun robots for remotely operated NDT done better.

All Eddyfi Technologies Inuktun inspection solutions are built on an IM3™, or Multi-Mission Modular, design approach. Whereas a number of industrial robotics manufacturers make claims about ‘modular’ systems, what they are in fact referring to is corrected termed ‘configurability’ — a critical distinction. Configurable designs involve a same basic vehicle, with several payload options, e.g. a camera swapped out for a probe, much like a tractor hauling different trailers. True modular systems involve one array of components intentionally designed to support several specifically purposed systems. IM3 technology can be read as “I’m Multi-Mission Modular”, indicating that the robot or part is intended for adaptive use according to a range of circumstances or objectives. With Eddyfi Technologies’ complementary product portfolio, the potential applications are limitless.

IM3 translates into significant time savings, cost efficiencies, and risk mitigation for the customer and the end user. Reduced capital expenditures, minimization of downtime, reduced exposure to hazardous environments and environmental hazards — plug-and-play equipment saves dollars and makes sense. IM3 technology is additive. It’s about our solving new problems better, faster, and cheaper without going back to the drawing board every time. Why rebuild the foundation or risk generating incompatibility when prior engineering principles and design techniques have already proven themselves? No matter how much or how fast things change, IM3 keeps developing ahead of the curve.

And we’re not talking simply about hardware. The purchase of Eddyfi Technologies’ robotic solutions provides continuously improved software. For a truly futureproof solution, our industry-first software subscription model is making changes so desperately needed in what has historically been an industry heavy with laggards. Check out this interview by our Senior VP of Business Units, Vincent Pasquer, who discusses the growing importance of software in NDT. ICON™ software has been designed for remote visual inspection today... and tomorrow – see exactly what we mean here.

As mentioned, equipment is just one piece of the Datalliance lifecycle. Subscribe to our blog to receive our content direct to your email inbox and be on the lookout for optimizations made at the deployment, support, analysis, and reporting stages of this proprietary process. Ready to talk to one of our robotic experts? Contact our team today to learn how Datalliance measured by the RAMP Index can improve your robotically deployed condition monitoring and remote operations today!