Back in 2014, M2M now Eddyfi, was the first one on the starting block to start the TFM race on a portable phased-array unit with the M2M Gekko.

In 2017, we switched to second gear and released the Mantis, a smaller phased-array unit but still with TFM capabilities.

TFM has created new opportunities to the NDT market offering improved spatial resolution, dead zone, sensitivity to probe positioning... Small indications such as HTHA are more easily detectable.

Strong from its experience with TFM and to stay ahead of the pack, Eddyfi is now switching to third gear with the release of the new Gekko/Mantis software, Capture 2.3, and a 3.5 times speed improvement.

In the following video, we show this speed improvement for a 64-element probe configuration at maximum resolution and data acquired every 1-mm along the mechanical axis. We can see that Fast Mode allows to go from 21 mm/s to 80 mm/s (a x3.8 speed improvement).

But like any good muscle car, the Gekko doesn't stop at 3 gears. Eddyfi is already boosting the engine to unlock even more horsepower. Hold on to your hats and be prepared. More enhancements coming very soon.

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