Conducting a thorough and efficient phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) inspection requires the seamless integration of several components into one deployable solution. These essential components include a data acquisition unit; a dedicated software platform loaded with features to ease setup, data collection, analysis, and reporting; a reliable scanning mechanism, a range of probes designed for specific inspection requirements, and various supporting accessories. 

The complexity of PAUT systems lies not only in the individual intricacies of each component but also in how they form together to provide a turnkey solution. Ensuring seamless compatibility among these components can be a daunting challenge, troubled with potential pitfalls and risks for integrators. Sourcing each component independently introduces the possibility of compatibility issues, software-hardware conflicts, and logistical complications, all of which can compromise the effectiveness and reliability of the inspection process. 

Recognizing these challenges and the inherent complexities of assembling a comprehensive PAUT solution, the PAUT experts in the application team at Eddyfi Technologies have undertaken the task of streamlining the field-deployment process for our valued customers. Drawing upon our extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of industry requirements, we have embarked on the development of meticulously crafted turnkey solutions to address common inspection challenges across various sectors. 

Our approach revolves around customer needs, easing the sourcing and integration process of the most suitable components, carefully selected to optimize the inspection at hand. Considering the selection of the most appropriate instruments and dedicated probes/wedge combinations specific to the application/material composition, we share our experience to remove the timely task of in-house equipment validation to address typical industry inspections. 

WheelArray™ PAUT Probe 

Figure 1: WheelArray™ PAUT Probe

Moreover, our solutions encompass a range of scanning mechanisms, from manual to motorized options, tailored to accommodate the wide range of inspection scenarios and specimen geometries. Complemented by a comprehensive array of accessories chosen to complement each other seamlessly, our PAUT solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and reliability. 

Scorpion®2 Tank Crawler

Figure 2: Scorpion®2 Tank Crawler

At Eddyfi Technologies, our team of dedicated application experts is committed to ensuring that your inspections not only yield high-quality data but are also effortless to deploy and execute. By leveraging our unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions, we empower our customers to overcome the complexities of PAUT inspections with confidence and precision, ultimately delivering exceptional performance, enhanced efficiency, and optimized output, resulting in an overall heightened customer experience. 

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