The Certification Scheme for Personnel, or CSWIP, is the reference for skills and knowledge of inspectors that also ensures integrity of accreditation. CSWIP certification has enabled industry driven credibility for over 50 years. Having created the benchmark for high quality technicians using long-range ultrasonic testing (LRUT) equipment like the Teletest Focus+™, the CSWIP Certified Guided Wave Training Course has been remarkably successful for over a decade — forcing higher training standards elsewhere.

This scheme is the first guided wave examination compliant with ISO 9712 standards, giving end users confidence that personnel are adequately trained and competent to perform reliable inspections. ISO 9712 employs the Level I, II and III certification designations which are available through recognized certification bodies.

Training candidates to in accordance with ISO 9712 requires 80 hours of instruction to achieve Level I certification. This classroom time is inconvenient for both the candidates and the sponsoring companies as it is often difficult to fit into existing inspection programs. Plus, it has a financial obligation for expenses in addition to the lost income generating hours.

We’ve got the Beyond Current solution.

Eddyfi Technologies introduces an alternative solution by offering up to 50% of the hours as web-based online training. Most of the CSWIP Certified Guided Wave Training Course can be done at the candidates’ convenience, or in advance of the 40 hours of classroom practical training and examination. The online portion covers the required background theory on guided waves, product knowledge, and an introduction to software and data interpretation. Trials of this program demonstrated our customers ease of scheduling training with feedback that the course material itself was high quality and engaging; ultimately, it was comparable to the original 40 hours of classroom training.

The CSWIP Certified Guided Wave Training Course offered by Eddyfi Technologies enables technicians with the ability to perform inspections professionally and according to internationally recognized rules and techniques while helping raise industry quality standards. We offer courses all year long. Contact us to learn more today! And when it comes to using advanced NDT technology for your long-range inspections, take a closer look at the Focus+. Not only do we offer the complementary training, our customer support is dedicated to enabling our clients to provide the best guided wave inspections to theirs. Put us to the test!