The latest Sonyks™ software release by Eddyfi Technologies is the welcome NDT tool for guided wave testing inspections, allowing inspectors to collect all necessary data in one go. It delivers reliable data results without the need for repeated testing and has features such as the ability to scan through all frequencies, instantaneous C-scan and secondary focusing, pan and zoom functionality, and a touchscreen-friendly interface. This article showcases just how Sonyks software version 1.1 is all for one, and one for all.

Sonyks Software

Sonyks software is a data acquisition and analysis software for guided wave testing inspections that is specifically designed to work on the touchscreen of a guided wave ultrasonic testing (GWUT) instrument. It has an intuitive workflow that makes it easy for technicians to acquire the best data in a single collection, and it includes advanced analysis tools to increase inspection confidence. It is the first guided wave testing software designed for touchscreen use. It’s truly no wonder GWUT inspectors can’t wait to get their hands on it.

The Sonyks software by Eddyfi Technologies offers a powerful solution for collecting all the necessary data for a guided wave testing inspection in a single pass. This is made possible through the use of a combination of broadband data collection and Full Matrix Capture (FMC) technologies. With this software, onsite operators have the flexibility to perform interpretation locally, move to a more convenient location, or even wait to perform analysis later, all while knowing that no important information will be missed, even focusing areas. This feature of the software is commonly referred to as "one and done" as it allows the operators to collect all inspection data at once, reducing the need to repeat the testing process.

A reliable and consistent tool for guided wave testing inspections, one of the key features of the Sonyks software is that it is able to test and analyze data using both Magnetostrictive and Piezoelectric transducers, providing both Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) and Medium Range Ultrasonic Testing (MRUT) capabilities. This allows for a comprehensive and efficient testing process.

The software also includes a test function that assesses the resistance of the Magneto-tools and capacitance for the piezo-tools, ensuring that the equipment is working at optimal levels. Additionally, the Sonyks onboard pump is activated and monitored through the software, ensuring that the collars are always at the optimal pressure during data collection.

Sonyks software also boasts a variety of automated and advanced algorithms that reduce the dependence on operator-specific interpretation. The software includes automatic weld detection and the setting of DACs (Distance Amplitude Curves) which ensures consistency of interpretation between different inspectors, eliminates the need for repeat testing, and providing reliable results.

The LRUT software features a user-friendly, project-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is designed to be used on the Sonyks 26.4cm (10.4in) touchscreen display. This creates an integrated package that allows for highly efficient interpretation and reporting of inspection data. The software's intuitive project-based workflow makes it easy to manage multi-location inspections and reporting.

Analysis of inspection data on the Sonyks instrument is made simple through the use of a frequency slider, which allows the operator to find the optimum frequency for signal-to-noise and reporting. As the operator scans through the frequencies, the C-scan display automatically updates. Additionally, convenient pan and zoom features allow for quick analysis of areas of interest, making the process of interpreting and reporting the data more efficient.

The Sonyks software complies with all major global international standards and published government regulations such as ISO 18211 and Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations 49 CFR § 192.921 Appendix F (PHMSA Guidelines). See how guided wave testing fits into a pipeline inspection program here. This ensures that the software can be used in a variety of different countries and industries, meeting the requirements for safety and accuracy set by industry standards.

Eddyfi Technologies offers the Sonyks software in two different forms: SonyksGO embedded software and SonyksPRO for desktop and laptop computers. Both versions of the software offer the same functionality and features, but they are designed to be used in different settings. The SonyksGO software is designed to be used on touchscreen devices and is optimized for use in the field during inspections. On the other hand, the SonyksPRO is designed for office-based data review and reporting, but it can also interface with the Sonyks instrument via Ethernet. In the future, it will also be able to connect via Wi-Fi.


The software is available for purchase through a yearly subscription or a perpetual license, with built-in updates. This means that as the software evolves, users can continue to access the latest version and take advantage of new features and improvements. This makes the process of obtaining and using the software as simple as possible.

Check out the video feature demos and download the latest Sonyks software here to stay Beyond Current. Have questions about how best to implement the industry-leading guided wave testing technology into your inspection campaign? Contact our friendly experts today!