Marco Michele Sisto

Marco Michele Sisto

Marco Michele Sisto earned a Ph.D. degree in Optical Communication Systems from Laval University, Québec city, CA in 2008. He worked for 10 years in Optics and Photonics R&D and transitioned to the world of NDT in 2016 when he joined Eddyfi Technologies. After leading the development of the Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) technology, in 2019 he joined the Eddyfi Artificial Intelligence R&D team.

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Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence vs. Conventional Tools for Heat Exchanger Data Analysis

November 29, 2022 | By Marco Michele Sisto

Topics: Eddyfi, Energy, Tubes, Tube Testing Technologies, Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchanger Tubing Defects